Young Democrats of Wisconsin
Be Part of the Future of Wisconsin


The Young Democrats of Wisconsin is the official statewide organization comprised of and representing Young Democrats, aged 18-40,  all across our state.

We work to further the principles of the Democratic Party by promoting Democratic values and candidates in the state, supporting activities that encourage Young Democrats to become engaged in the democratic process, and providing resources and opportunities to amplify the voices of young folks in our state.

Current Statewide Officers

State Chair - Charles Myers

State Vice Chair - Jack Larsen

State Treasurer - McKinley Kant

State Secretary - Bridget Maniaci

YDA Committeeperson - Margaret McInnis

YDA Committeeperson - Adrian Palau-Tejeda

Congressional District Officers

1st CD Chair- Dayvin Hallmon

2nd CD Chair- Representative Mark Spreitzer
2nd CD Vice Chair- Bridget Maniaci

3rd CD Chair- Denise-Alondra Bustamante

4th CD Chair- Carly Wilson
4th CD Vice Chair- Solana Patterson Ramos

5th CD Chair- Jack Larsen

6th CD Co-Chairs- Johnathan Stroud, Cody Gabrielson
6th CD Vice Chair- Sarah Bodden

7th CD Chair- Steven Okonek

8th CD Chair- Renee Gasch
8th CD Vice Chair- Becky Rasmussen